♥This Weekend

Weekend of August 23- The Good Stuff!

This weekend I found a new snack that absolutely blew my mind. I saw them in Central Market, and I figured they were going to be typical sour green grapes with a slight cotton candy sweetness. But NO! These grapes taste exactly like cotton candy, and I plan on buying an entire paycheck’s worth next week.


I also spent Friday cooking and baking in our kitchen, which was a total success. Almond chicken, cinnamon croissants, and sweet potato bites were the creations of the day.


Scott and I went to a business meeting, and we got all dressed up for it.


In my life lately, weekends are Thursday, Friday & Saturday. Scott works Sundays, so we’ve got to call it early. Scott headed off to bed, and now I’m watching Friends and enjoying vanilla Greek yogurt… Cheers to the weekend!


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