Downtown Austin on a Sunday Night ☼ [2015]

Hey everyone!!

Since I have started using Facebook way less (a good move to be sure- all that research about how Facebook is bad for your brain due to social comparisons and pressure helped me make that decision), I have all these great photos that are just sitting on my computer! I had a blast at this engagement party on a rooftop bar a few weekends ago, so I figured I would share!

☼An engagement party in downtown Austin

Our friends threw a beautiful party at The Market bar in downtown ATX. I had never been there before- I had never even been to a rooftop bar! There was a great view of the city.


I had margaritas and hung with the girls. Then we all headed downstairs to watch the couple’s engagement video. Cue every woman (and some of the men) in the room crying. It was SO cute. The couple got engaged in Las Vegas in front of the fountains. Too perfect for words.

IMG_4516 IMG_4514

Afterwards, even though it was a SUNDAY night, Scott and I decided to head to the after-party at a different bar. By 2 AM, we were starving, so we scooped up our friend Diana and headed to Austin’s 24 Hour Diner (…named 24 Diner, lol).


I ordered french fries with mustard and aioli dipping sauces, as well as chicken and waffles. I am a very healthy eater, so this was clearly an alcohol influenced decision!! Doesn’t that chicken and waffles look good? It had brown sugar butter and was an organic, locally sourced dish, because, hello, this is Austin!!

One of the best parts of all was that I tried a root beer shot and hung out with some very fun people.

Definitely a big CHEERS to my girl Diana for always taking all the photos at get togethers!


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