✨ BEST OF: This Past Week ðŸ’•

Hey everyone!

This past week was one of the best I’ve had in a long time. Things are going better over here for Scott and me, and I’m really enjoying work. On top of that, a lot of cute stuff happened. Sometimes I worry that having such a good time or getting so many good things is dangerous, as if my luck will turn if I enjoy life too much. But that’s irrational, and, fortunately, the universe is indifferent to my emotions and anxieties. As Scott says, if you bake a cake, you get to eat a cake. And I worked really hard in the kitchen for this one!

Some favorite things:

✿ I’ve really been enjoying Arie as The Bachelor, and I even convinced one of my favorite coworkers to start watching it so we can talk about the show at work. It’s simultaneously The Bachelor and RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars, so there’s almost too much Reddit content, podcasts, recaps, extra footage, and juicy details to gab about each week!

✿ A new month means new flavors at Sprinkles Cupcake Bakery! This month’s big one is chocolate cake with chocolate chips and raspberry icing. I wonder where it would rank on my big list… My friend and I got to try it on break at work since I am within walking distance of Austin’s Sprinkles (you know that’s trouble!).



✿ I got my nails done again (SNS dip powder, which you can read all about HERE!!), and this time I felt the full excitement of Valentine’s Day! I went with longer acrylic tips and super hot glittery pink. I’m excited to debut them for our big grand opening weekend at work! They’re very Michelle Visage. They look even crazier in person!


✿ Speaking of Erin Condren, I’ve been loving my planners and bullet journal this week. I used to just have an 18 month Life Planner, back when I was just an EC fan (and I blogged all about it here!). But now that I actually work in the fab store, I have started carrying and using a small hardbound LifePlanner and dot grid hardbound notebook. I especially love the notebook, which you can check out here!


✿ I’ve gone out to eat twice this week, too, and have to rave about my favorite order at Veggie Heaven (my favorite restaurant that I’ve blogged about, oh, 50 times, lol)! I love to get the cauliflower wings and a big bowl of yellow curry on cold nights. Then on break one day, I grabbed a weekly special taco from Velvet Taco. It was the featured Italian one, with mozz and arugula and Italian chicken. Loved it!


✿ As far as book recommendations, I’ve been reading Paper Princess by Erin Watt… And it’s the only book I’ve read so far this year! This time last year, I was 5 books in already. My GoodReads challenge is off to a rocky start, but I’ll take all this goodness over another year maxing out at 65 books any day. Normally I don’t love February (the heart of winter!), but I’m having a great one this year.


What are your favorite things this month? Any podcast or book recommendations for me? Let me know in the comments or find me on Instagram! I’m @taylordorothy, as always.

Have a wonderful February!




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