Texas French Bread Cappuccinos! ☕️+ Green Dress OOTD

Hey everyone!

I love this green floral dress. It’s a simple fit and flare tank dress from Forever 21, and it has opened my eyes to how much I love wearing green. Blondes in green! It’s a thing! Phoebe on Friends wore a lot of green and always looked great (in the kookiest way possible, of course). Anyway, I felt cute in this fun, casual outfit and had a great day tripping around with Scott. We knew just where to go, too.


Our friend had told us that the best cappuccino in Austin is at Texas French Bread, which is a little bistro in downtown Austin. We’d gone to Texas French Bread for dinner earlier in the week but their lunch specials and coffee were much more exciting!


Coffee AND a capp, because apparently we just can’t get enough caffeine. I also got an iced tea! Some afternoons you just have to go for it, you know?

We ordered the lunch specials- sandwich with fresh bread baked there, chips, a Texas French Bread cookie, and side of fruit.


The sandwich was great, and there was something so relaxing about the whole vibe. Plus, my peanut butter cookie was delicious. I definitely recommend this place if you’re in Austin!


I paired my green floral dress with my most comfortable espadrille wedges, my signature backpack purse, and a light little black duster sweater. I love the kind of duster sweaters that are out now, where they roll up to fit in a purse when it’s hot, but also come in handy in the AC.


Floral fit and flare tank dress (similar) ◇ Ribbed duster sweater (similar and on sale!) ◇ Suede espadrilles (exact) ◇ Henri Bendel bag (exact in a different color)

Where is the best cappuccino you’ve ever had? Do you put sugar in it? I do, sometimes. I’m getting better at drinking unsweetened coffee though and sometimes enjoy my iced coffees black.

Have an AWESOME week!!



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