Should you watch RuPaul’s Drag Race: All Stars 4?

Hi everyone!

This is another huge month for fans of RuPaul’s Drag Race! Today is the season premiere of an All Stars season, which means these are all drag queens who have competed before (sometimes more than once.) It’s been hotly anticipated by fans, and I can’t wait to watch the first episode myself.



If this is your first RuPaul’s Drag Race season, and you’re thinking about finally jumping in to the most fun Emmy-award winning reality TV show EVER… Then I have some Pros and Cons for you to consider!

PROS to starting it right now:

-It’s a fun, highly anticipated season that you can watch weekly on Vh1 or purchase on Amazon

-You can pick out favorites without knowing their backstories

-Each new season is a fresh start for production and performers

-It’s a reality show expecting new fans, so it will be accessible to any audience

-You’ll finally understand all the cultural references to the show everywhere- including a few SNL skits the last two seasons!!:

-It’s a fun time to join the fandom and conversation

-Supporting a show about drag queens is a small way to participate in the #resistance

-RuPaul is amazing and I bet you’ll love him so much you won’t even mind you don’t know what’s fully going on

-Drag Race is the best so anytime is a good time to become a fan- honestly. No matter who you are, I bet you’d love it if you gave it a shot.

CONS to jumping in right now:

-You won’t know who anyone is

-The reads and shade won’t make sense to you

-You’ll know the All Stars winner without knowing their arc on their own season, thus making a rewatch less fun

-The format will be different than a regular season

-They might explain less this far in than they would if you were to begin with an earlier season, or from the actual beginning with season 1

-If you don’t know drag, this will not be a subtle, entry level exposure

-The level of professionalism and expertise in an All Stars season may RUIN your perspective if you rewatch an old season or wait for season 11- these are SEASONED performers with a lot of money to spend on their drag, and years of honing that in. It might skew your experience when you see a baby queen or a rough wig line on a non-All Stars run.


When I got into Drag Race, All Stars 2 was airing, and I decided to hold off and catch up completely before watching it, and I enjoyed it WAY more when I knew all of the players involved. I was going to do a whole post about it, but I would recommend watching an older season first. In fact, I’ll do a post about what order to rewatch in this weekend.

I don’t think the seasons are available to stream for free anywhere anymore, but you can always buy the first episode of season 5 or 6 (the greatest) and see whatcha think!

If you are watching, leave me a comment and let me know who are you’re rooting for!

You can purchase the season HERE on Amazon– the episodes will show up on Saturday, or catch it on actual TV (if you have one of those) on Vh1 every Friday!!

Love, Team Trinity Taylor,



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