ATX Good Life

All my adventures around the capital city of Texas ❤︎

I ♥ Thai Food

My mom offered to take Derek and me out for lunch the other day, and it was between the burger place where she and I went last week and a Thai place… We definitely decided on Satay Thai restaurant and headed out. We got Thai iced tea to start, and I […]


I live in an amazing house, and we have a great back deck with a fire pit and a grill. Really, despite my New Jersey nature, I have no complaints. Except that it’s not very bright at night. BUT THAT’S NORMAL cause night time is dark anyway! The other night, […]

Photo Trip 2: Penny Back Bridge

The second spot we took our friend Derek for photographic purposes was Penny Back Bridge, or the 360 Bridge. We parked along the side of the highway. Derek joked, “Wow, a highway! It’s quieter than highways in New Jersey. Thanks for bringing me here.” Then we hiked his sarcastic ass […]

Photo Trip 1: Mount Bonnell

After driving up a windy, almost crumbling road in Austin, you arrive at the entrance of Mount Bonnell. There are cars parked everywhere and signs to lock your stuff, and then there are the majestic stone steps that lead to one of the best views in our city. It’s a […]

NJ boy does ATX!

I went to sleep smiling last night. When looking back over my day, I had to fight back laughter as I was laying in bed. Scott and I are hosting my friend Derek this week, on his motorcycle tour of America, and it has been a blast. I knew Derek […]

♥This Weekend

Weekend of August 23- The Good Stuff! This weekend I found a new snack that absolutely blew my mind. I saw them in Central Market, and I figured they were going to be typical sour green grapes with a slight cotton candy sweetness. But NO! These grapes taste exactly like […]