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Autumn Dreaming

I’m getting very excited for Autumn. I think it’s mostly because I live in Austin, and I can barely go outside in the daytime. I have to wait until after 6 to run, and even a ten minute drive with the AC down will leave me sweating. It’s been a […]

Bath & Body Works Haul

So last night I ordered some candles off of Bath and Body works. Their fall 2013 line just rolled out, and I’ve never purchased a candle from there before. I used to go in and buy their lip glosses, but I didn’t really know about their candles until I started […]

The Buzz On My Book

Well, Into The Ocean has officially been published for six weeks. Publishing my novel and putting myself out there has been terrifying and exciting, especially since this is my first book. And of course, the best part of the last few weeks has been hearing what people think once they’ve […]