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finally feeling better!

It was a long two weeks that I was under the weather with tonsillitis  I mean, if this was the 90s, they would have pulled those suckers out. And I would have been in the hospital eating vegan low-fat ice cream. So lately I have been about as well behaved as […]

Birthday Cake Pancakes

Yesterday evening, I got really inspired after an afternoon nap. I pulled out my binder full of recipes (I usually hand copy healthy recipes I find online and hole-punch them in) and decided to try some new things. I made smashed sweet potatoes, tri-tip sirloin roast in the crock pot, […]


I’ve been crazy sick for almost an entire week now. I finally went to a clinic on Friday (a $100 clinic off I-35- hashtag no health insurance!) and was diagnosed with tonsillitis. Even now I’m wrapped up in a blanket and don’t want to write anymore. I was so lucky […]

catching up!

It has been forever! I was in Florida for 10 days without internet (I did post once from my iPhone, but that connection was spotty too). I have also been writing a lot. That’s what I was just doing when I reminded myself what a terrible blogger I am! Hello! […]

New Ideas!

Everything is easier when I’m writing. I started a new project two days ago down here in Florida. It’s funny— I always get my novel ideas while I travel but never realize that until it happens. This time, I shot out of bed and wrote down everything about this story […]


I just picked up my mail and received my copy of “Keeping The Moon” by Sarah Dessen. Of course I’ve read it before, maybe twice, but somehow I don’t own it and I need to own all of Sarah Dessen’s books. I will reread it on my Florida trip since […]