Hot Weather Essentials

I was outside on the phone with my mom today, I was just sweating. It is SO hot already! When I went back inside, I realized I would need to tweak my skin & hair care routine. There is no way that I could plug in my flat iron right now!

Here are my essentials for the summer.

Coconut body lotion:  It is light and moisturizing for my legs, plus it smells amazing! I picked this up at Whole Foods last summer. The smell reminds me of Hawaii.

Malibu Beach body spray: This smells amazing, a little like marzipan and jasmine. I like to wear body spray in the summer, and I just spray it in my hair. This was pretty cheap from Hollister’s website.

Sea Salt spray: I love this!! I have been spraying it in my hair every day after my shower, and my hair dries into mermaid waves. I haven’t flat ironed or blow dried my hair in DAYS.

Here is how my hair looks with this product in:

The last product that is on my essentials list is SUNBLOCK! I use the Kiss My Face brand from Whole Foods because it’s aluminum and other heavy metals free.

What are your summer beauty essentials? I will have to update my makeup routine and post that soon!


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