So much has been happening!

Summertime. It is my favorite time of year. I love the dry, sunshiney heat of Austin in the summer, and that I never have to flat-iron my hair and that school is out until August. (Although I have my impending senior sociology Capstone looming over my head- NOO!) Summer means my birthday, which is my favorite holiday, and lately it has meant TONS OF ADVENTURES!

——First summer adventure:
 I tried a cotton candy frappuchino from Starbucks. You can’t order this concoction like that- you have to tell the barista you want a tall vanilla bean frapp with two pumps of raspberry syrup. 

AMAZING! It tastes just like cotton candy. It was a little sweet, even for me, and I probably won’t order it again since (duh) there’s coffee at Starbucks and iced coffee is the best. Still, if you love cotton candy like I do, SCORE!

—- Second ADVENTURE OF THE SUMMER (at least according to this blog): Checking out Red Bud Isle dog park with Scott & the border collie Mandy who I dog-sat!

It is absolutely gorgeous there. This park doesn’t even seem like it’s in the downtown part of a metropolitan city! There are tons of cute dogs running around off leash, and squirrels for Mandy to chase. 

——Third ADVENTURE OF THE SUMMER: Scott and I took a drive out to Austin’s prettiest windy road, Mt. Bonnell. We had frozen yogurt and drove all around and saw the river, Pennyback bridge, and big houses. Here is a picture of the view of the way back down.

Normally people stop and park and hike up to the Mt. Bonnell overlook, but we were just in the mood for a drive (plus it’s very crowded there this time of year!).

I’ve been making an effort to explore Austin and live life to the fullest every day, so there will be more adventures to come!


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