OPI Iceland Collection: Aurora Berryalis

Hey everyone!

I could hardly find ANY reviews for this polish online. There are some posts about the Iceland collection overall, but Aurora Berry-alis is not getting any love. And sadly, I know why…


In some lights, this polish looks like a lipstick I really like. Rosy, warm, good for fall. In other lights (most of them, actually), this polish just reads as a dusty, dull, basic pink. I couldn’t help but think I’d raided someone’s grandmother’s nail polish stash when I wore this out. This is a classic, conservative, neutral dusty raspberry. I’ve seen swatches where it looks more hot pink and yumberry, but don’t be fooled- this is a dusty dark rose polish.

aurora berry-alis opi iceland collection nail polish swatch review


I must say that it is a good OPI formula. It’s what you can expect from a decent bottle of OPI- creme formula, glossy finish, not streaky. It’s easy enough to work with, although this was one of those polishes I had to be very patient with in between coats. When I went in to level one of my nails with a bit more polish, it messed everything up and I had to start that nail again. But if you are patient and let each coat dry, you can fix any mistakes and expect it to look pretty flawless by the end.



Since it’s in the new fall collection, this one is very easy to find. It’s available everywhere online for the usual $10 and I’ve seen it in stores. It’s muted and therefore would be great for working in an office, and could even be dressed up for a function. It doesn’t scream holiday to me, but this honestly would be an excellent present for your mom. Or this is the color to wear on short square nails to a big formal dinner with your whole family.



Easy to apply: 8/10

Reminds me of Iceland: 0/10. Hahah what? No!!

Good for newbies: 8/10. If this color speaks to you, this is a polish you’ll be able to rely on as you build your collection. It’s a good foundation polish.

Uniqueness: 5/10. I feel like there’s 10,000 colors like this at any old Rite Aid.

Number one pick by old ladies in beauty parlors: 10/10. If I were 70, this is the polish I’d wear to my 4 PM dinner date 😂


What do you think of this one? Maybe one day I’ll be drawn to such mature, sophisticated polishes like this one…



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