Quick Swatch: Sephora Matte Lip Cream in Vintage Rosewood

Hey everyone!

Today I have a quick swatch post of a cream lip stain liquid lipstick from Sephora! This is pretty much why I originally started this blog. I wanted a place where I could see how lipsticks looked on people before buying them. Colors can look so different in person, and sometimes dry darker, or the company’s photographs are misleading (I’m looking at you, Colourpop! Their photos are always a little off to how the product actually is!).

Oh, the hazards of shopping online!

And when you’re a beauty addict on a budget, you gotta make these decisions carefully! You need info! You need swatches! So here are mine.

Sephora’s cream liquid lipsticks are one of the hidden gems of the beauty world. They’re $14 for a nice sized tube and they’re on par with any high end liquid lipstick. And they’re comfortable and easy to take off, which I can’t say for some lower end ones. They are kiss proof and mostly food proof (as in, you can eat a yogurt and not touch up, but it’s exiting your face after oily tacos).

vintage rosewood cream lip stain liquid lipstick sephora swatch

Here is Vintage Rosewood, which is like a darker version of Kat Von D’s Lolita.


For skin tone reference, I’m wearing It Cosmetics CC Cream in Light. I generally have NC15 – NC25 skin going by the old MAC scale.


It’s definitely darker than I expected based on the photo online (!!).

vintage rosewood cream lip stain liquid lipstick sephora swatch

I hadn’t yet put on mascara or anything, but I think you get a good idea of how this color looks overall.


Teeth look white against it: Yes!! Score. Hate those lip colors that yellow your teeth 😪

Long lasting: Yes! I wore this comfortably for 4 hours before taking it off. It probably could have gone another two hours after that.

Looks good: Yes!

Applies well: OMG yes! The swatches above are sans lipliner, too.

Special and unique: Somewhat! I feel like every brand has a shade this color, but this one rides a nice line between red, berry, and oxblood.

Should you get this product? If you have your eye on it, yes! There are tons of beautiful colors out there and in this lip cream range especially. I think Vintage Rosewood is gorgeous. Let me know what you think! You can pick it up here if you like this color.



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