REVIEW: It Cosmetics CC Cream

Hey everyone!

Today I’m blogging from a fluffy bed in a hotel room because I’m accompanying my boyfriend on a business trip this week down in San Antonio, Texas! That’s about an hour and a half south of Austin. There is a lot to be grateful for these days, and I feel like things are changing in the right direction for me.  This is going to be a good summer!

And on another positive note, I have a product review, and it’s a rave! Just wait until you hear about this stuff. Do you want to LITERALLY look younger and stare at yourself in the mirror, amazed at your skin? I know you do!!


I recently picked up a sample size of this stuff from Ulta for $15. I chose the color Light, and hoped it wouldn’t oxidize orange or something. Some BB creams in universal colors can oxidize something fierce. I’ve been hearing about this product forever, and was excited to see how it performed.


I have sensitive skin, and my problems are redness and slight breakouts. I get hormonal breakouts on my chin every month, and I don’t clean my phone enough, so I get the occasional zit on my cheek. Normally, I use Nars concealer to cover my nose redness, chin redness, and the few pimples I might have. I use NYX concealer under my eyes. I do not wear foundation- I just never have.

But this CC cream is like a foundation! It was time to veer off my beaten concealer path and apply this stuff all over. I used my Real Techniques face brush to apply.

Here it is on my skin!

It cosmetics cc cream

I love how it looks! Right away when I applied it the first time, I was amazed at how well it matched my skin, and how beautiful and golden it looked. It was VERY dewy, which kind of freaked me out. My concealers normally leave most of my skin bare, and what is covered is matte. But this was dewy and outside my comfort zone! You really don’t need a lot, either.

I used a fluffy powder brush to apply bronzer, and that took the CC cream down to a more reasonable finish. I didn’t use a translucent powder, or concealer. The CC cream stressed that this is the only product you need. From their site:

This highly pigmented multi-tasking beauty miracle truly covers everything, will not crease or crack in fine lines, and gives you a healthy, Your Skin But Better® glow. Paraben-free and SPF 50+ UVA/UVB Broad Spectrum, Physical Only, Non-Chemical Sunscreen. Developed with leading plastic surgeons, Your Skin But Better® CC+™ Cream with SPF 50+ is truly a multi-tasking beauty miracle.

it cosmetics cc cream

Now, normally, I hate the way I look in a full coverage foundation. Back when I was first getting into makeup, I went to MAC Cosmetics and tried out the MAC Pro Longwear foundation. The girl was applying it to me, selling me on it, but we could both tell it had made me look worse instead of better. Since then, I have tried lighter foundations and tons of BB creams, but I pretty much made the decision that foundation is not for me.

But with this one, I just feel so pretty. It covers my redness and zits and scars, and makes me look younger. My boyfriend thought so too. I think my skin looks BETTER with this on, and I’ve definitely never felt that way in a foundation before! This is my favorite product of the year, for sure. I used it in place of my under-eye concealer, and couldn’t believe how well it covered the stubborn rosacea around my nose. It also has a very pleasant light, lemon smell.

It cosmetics cc cream

And to top it all off, this product is actually supposed to IMPROVE my skin the more I wear it. Here are some of the stats from It Cosmetic’s website. I can’t speak to those results yet, since I’ve only been using it for a few days, but I’ll do an update next month!

It’s your only step!

Clinically shown results!

Immediately users saw…

  • 179% of skin hydration**

In just 10 days…

  • 96% saw softer, smoother skin*
  • 85% saw an improvement in the appearance of wrinkles*
  • 77% said pores appeared smaller*

One problem is the color selection. There are four light shades, two mediums, and only one choice for deep skin. This CC cream would look amazing on dark skin if you’re lucky enough to be the exact same shade as their one offering. Come on, It Cosmetics, expand the range a bit! That’s the primary thing the few negative reviews I’ve seen are about. I’m so glad that the light shade ended up matching me perfectly, and the fair one will probably work for me this winter.

It cosmetics cc cream

It’s for sale everywhere- like Sephora, Ulta, and It Cosmetic‘s website. I HIGHLY recommend this stuff. Sometimes products that seem crazy over-hyped are actually that talked about for a reason. This CC cream has thousands of positive reviews all over the internet, and I’m glad I finally believed them.

I kind of thought this was too good to be true, but now I think I should check out all those other products I dismissed as ‘too good to be true’…! Like the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette, or the Colourpop Ultra Satin lip creams. Hmm! What other products am I missing out on with my skepticism? Let me know your faves!

Get out there and pick it up, and let me know what you think!



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