ATX Good Life: Spicy Tikka Masala Tacos & Frozen Margaritas!

Hey everyone!

I have my favorite breakfast taco place in Austin (Taco Deli, I love you). And I used to have my favorite lunch taco place, until Whole Foods changed their taco menu (I’ll miss you, Korean-fusion tacos). And now, I have a new favorite taco spot! The tacos are all original, inspired, gourmet, and FANTASTIC.

I’m talking about Velvet Taco in the Northside district of the Domain! I’ve blogged a lot about the Domain. It’s the outdoor, upscale shopping mall in north Austin, and it’s home to Sprinkles Cupcakes and my favorite spot for Indian takeout, Tarka. I love the Domain and never want to leave once I’m in that Rock Rose/Northside district. If you ever visit Austin, you should spend an afternoon hanging out up there.


velvet taco domain

Scott and I checked out Velvet Taco this past weekend, and I didn’t tell him anything about it before we went. I had checked out the menu beforehand and was insanely excited. I loved the amazing selection and wanted to try everything, and left my boyfriend in the dark on what was in store. The walk down Rock Rose was so nice, and Velvet Taco is very cool inside.

rock rose domain

Then he looked at the menu board, and he was as excited as I’ve ever seen him over a menu (which was still extremely calm and composed… that’s just how he is always lol). We decided to get 4, and they were about $3.50 to $5 each.

We got…


😍  #1 Buffalo Chicken:

Crisp tenders, house buffalo sauce, Danish bleu cheese, ranch crema, carrots, micro celery, flour tortilla

😍 #3 Spicy Tikka Chicken

Crisp tenders, spicy pepper sauce, buttered cilantro basmati rice, raita crema, thai basil, flour tortilla

😍 #4 Nashville Hot Tofu

Crispy tofu, house shred, buttermilk ranch crema, house brined pickle, flour tortilla

😍  #5 Fried Paneer

Tomato chutney, thai basil, tikka sauce, raita crema, flour tortilla

And I also got a frozen margarita! It was definitely the best frozen margarita I’ve had all year. It was completely delicious, and famously strong. I only drank about half, and I was practically an extrovert afterwards, lol.


The absolute best one was the chicken tikka. It was spicy but balanced out by the basmati rice and flour tortilla. The best first bite was the buff chicken. The hot tofu was good, too, and I loved how unique the paneer one tasted, although I didn’t think fried paneer was strong enough to carry a taco on its own.

The tacos were each unbelievable. I mean, seriously, I couldn’t believe how good they were! It was the kind of place where I knew by the first bite that I’ve got to try EVERYTHING on the menu!

Here’s what I want to try next time…

😛 #2 Rotisserie chicken (also their best seller)

White queso, roast corn pico, cilantro, smoked poblano salsa, corn tortilla

😛 #6 Falafel

Tahini crema, arugala, tomatoes, fresnos, avocado, pickled red onion, pea tendrils, lettuce wrap

😛 Their ‘Elote’ corn

Corn, queso fresco, asadero cheese, Valentina, crema, lime

I love days out in Austin. This city rocks, and we have the best tacos. Fight me! It’s just facts!

domain rock rose

What’s your favorite kind of taco? Leave me a comment!!



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