Hey everyone!

I just wanted to share one of my favorite parts of summer for the last few years now. This is an obsession of mine- something I am passionate about!

There’s something called cotton candy grapes. I’m sure you’ve seen them in stores, and if you weren’t sure about picking them up, here are my thoughts. As someone who can’t pass by anything cotton candy flavored to begin with, cotton candy grapes (um, actual healthy fruit) is pretty much 100% me.

cotton candy grapes

First… What are cotton candy grapes?

They are special grapes that have been bred over time with innovative practices that taste a lot like cotton candy. They honestly do have a sweetness that is exactly like fluffy, yummy cotton candy!

cotton candy grapes

Are they genetically modified?

No! They are just uniquely bred. You can read all about their growing process on the grape company’s website.

Should I buy them?

Duh! If you like the taste of cotton candy, you’re going to love these. Even if you’re not a cotton candy person, they are very unique and worth trying. But if you don’t like sweet things, skip them! These grapes may be green, but they’re completely sweet. No sour or tart notes here. They are more expensive than other grapes, but they’re so worth the money. Also, pay attention to the pricing at different stores- sometimes they’re $3 a pound, and sometimes $5.

When can I try them?

If you’re in America, you can get them during the summer time!


Early on in the summer, like RIGHT NOW, an organic grape vineyard releases their bags of cotton candy grapes. These are not as good to me. Later on in the summer, in mid-August, the Grapery vineyard brand releases their conventional cotton candy grapes. These grapes are MUCH better. They’re way more packed with cotton candy taste, and are bigger, rounder, and juicier. They are also sweeter and way more worthy of my crazy obsession. The GRAPERY GRAPES are the ones you need to look for!

cotton candy grapes

The organic ones are just an organic imitation! Of course, there’s a merit to eating organic, and they kind of have the cotton candy taste. You’re in luck if you find the organic ones this July and don’t like super-sweet stuff. They’re more of a compromise between cotton candy and regular tart green grapes.

cotton candy grapes

The Grapery has reported that their cute pink bags of cotton candy grapes will hit stores AUGUST 10 and will be around until September 20. They have a store finder online, but they hit most grocery stores like Whole Foods once they’re in season. Keep an eye out for them, and try these magic grapes if you haven’t!

Something good to focus on…

I mean, really, sometimes life is very hard. This can be a hard world to live in. But if I think about something as magic and fun as my favorite flavor (cotton candy- although marshmallow is a close second…Funfetti fruit would be good too!) packed into a little crunchy grape grown in a vineyard, it makes me grateful to be here. I think that’s what we have to do in life- focus on the magic stuff instead of the pain, as much as we can. I’ll try to do that today. β™‘ And hugs from me if you’re having a hard day.

Oh, and I also can’t wait to find and try their other variety, gum drops and flavor pops. Yum! September! See, another reason I love fall

flavor-pops-labelcotton candy grapes

Have you ever had cotton candy grapes? Did you love them?



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