Arugula Pizza

Hey everyone! Last year when I was visiting my aunt in New Jersey, we got take-out from one of her favorite spots, which was surprisingly the cafe in Nordstroms! We got the best pizzas I ate during my whole trip...but the secret to their greatness was a little off-menu 'mistake' that happened one time when my … Continue reading Arugula Pizza


5 Super Easy Dinner Ideas

We all know cooking at home is usually healthier and cheaper. Here are my fast and easy home cooked dinners! I cook dinner almost every night of the week. I eat the leftovers for lunch the next day, and cooking is a fun passion of mine. But I know a lot of people don't have … Continue reading 5 Super Easy Dinner Ideas

Crispy Popcorn Tofu

I have spent the last two months trying to master cooking tofu. And I think I have finally nailed it! It's actually very easy. I avoided cooking tofu for years since it is so mysterious- sitting in a package of water in the spinach area of grocery stores, sucking up basically a whole roll of … Continue reading Crispy Popcorn Tofu

Sunday Catch Up

With what I do for work, it seems like I am always logged into someone else's wordpress account! Today is the day I have logged out of my client's websites and am finally here to catch you guys up on my December. First, I bought the most amazing reindeer Christmas plates from Target. They are … Continue reading Sunday Catch Up

Chicken Tahini Stir-fry

Over the summer, I had a random idea one morning while cooking for my client Rose. I had bought some tahini and some Bragg's amino acids, but didn't really know what to do with either. I came up with this recipe, totally my own creation, that everyone said was crazy. Scott barely wanted to try … Continue reading Chicken Tahini Stir-fry

Cauliflower Mash & November Update

I always ease back on writing and blogging when I'm having a bad day. And so far, November has been one long bad day. Although today I did manage to get over to Rose's house (my friend and client) and whip her up some garlic mashed potatoes made from nothing but cauliflower. I pulsed the … Continue reading Cauliflower Mash & November Update

7 Healthy Foods and Drinks… I love this article- 7 Healthy Foods and Drinks That Can Become Unhealthy I always roll my eyes at health articles, because they try and justify the industries that are sponsoring them (Glamour magazine and Skinny Cow or Diet Pepsi or Lean Cuisine or Crystal Lite... On and on). Like, "did you overdo it … Continue reading 7 Healthy Foods and Drinks…

Coconut Oil: ANOTHER benefit… This article discusses how coconut oil may slow the growth of Alzheimer's cells. It kind of seems like the brain needs to accept glucose, and part of this disease is preventing that. The cells die, and they can't accept glucose anymore. "But there is an alternative fuel -- ketones, which cells easily accept. Ketones … Continue reading Coconut Oil: ANOTHER benefit…

Stuffed Peppers

I felt super inspired while cooking the other day, and decided to try stuffed bell peppers. First I made a huge pot of golden quinoa, but I think this recipe would be just as good with instant brown rice. I steamed zucchini, mushrooms, and broccoli, cut up very small. Then I browned some 1% lean … Continue reading Stuffed Peppers