Cauliflower Mash & November Update

I always ease back on writing and blogging when I’m having a bad day.

And so far, November has been one long bad day.

Although today I did manage to get over to Rose’s house (my friend and client) and whip her up some garlic mashed potatoes made from nothing but cauliflower. I pulsed the cauliflower in her Cuisinart food processor until it was cauliflower rice, and then I cooked that in a pan with olive oil and garlic powder. It looked and tasted just like mashed potatoes when I was done!

She’s also been big into salads lately, so I left some mixed greens (swiss chard, baby kale, baby spinach, arugala) and Trader Joe’s pear champagne vinaigrette. We also recently discovered coconut milk yogurt, while experimenting on her allergy free cleanse, and the strawberry banana one is especially amazing.

Of course, I never remember to take pictures while I’m cooking. When I cook for someone else, I’m too focused on making it perfect instead of documenting it.

More soon!



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