LUST LIST: Clothing I Don’t Need

So lately I have been shopping online a lot, which is an unfortunate side effect of not being inspired in my writing this week. I have also been looking at playsuits/rompers perfect for summer days in Hawaii (where I do NOT live), and gratuitously expensive sweaters. Lusting after Macaron inspired make up palettes, and adorable dresses… I mean, I need pajamas, bras, and black tights- NOT any of this.

Still, it’s all pretty! I thought I would share.

My impractical clothing lust list:

00129294-04 1000013813_324_400072419-0100049616-041000014808_302_31000015773_404_3category_whatsnew_makeup5mw013-58s07100v106_f_1navy-pink-flora-playsuit3_1024x1024pale-blue-pattern-playsuit4_1024x1024pineapple-playsuit1_1024x1024pink-pompom-shorts5_1024x1024rhythm-striped-tshirt1_1024x1024Vermont-Playsuit-Neon-Daisy-1_1024x1024wcj527b74_lgtn_1 1000015879_001_1

Do you like any of this? Do you ever browse shopping websites where you just know you can’t afford any of it?

Later, pretties.




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