THE BEST One-Coat Nail Polish

Hey everyone!

It’s high time I posted about one of my ALL TIME favorite nail polishes. This is one of the few bottles I’ve actually made a dent in, and have reached for a dozen times.

This polish fills a special niche. It’s not just a pink or red or purple with a great formula. It’s a polish that I only need ONE light coat of to look amazing, and it doesn’t even require a top coat. It looks fancy and sophisticated, and I guess it’s as close as I get to a neutral nail these days.

And, it looks even better in three coats.

Curious? Let’s dive in! It’s OPI Polish’s KITTY WHITE!


This polish is from my beloved Hello Kitty collection for OPI (Look At My Bow gave me the most beautiful swatches of my life). This polish is hard to find online, but if you have it or can get your hands on it, it’s a must-have. It’s here on for $7, which is a good price.


Pictured below is Kitty White in one coat. I am a huge fan of this polish in one light coat. It covers the nail and leaves an even layer of shimmery white. It’s just beautiful!

OPI kitty white

Here is the polish in three coats, which is the best route to opacity. Look how great that bright, shimery color looks! The formula is slightly thick but easy to apply. I make sure to keep a small amount on the brush, and to let the polish dry almost completely between coats.

opi hello kitty


This is a white based shimmer, obvs. It’s semi sheer even in three coats and it sort of glows and shines. It’s iridescent. There’s no silver or gold undertones. It’s a true white based shimmer.

hello kitty opi kitty white


This is obvious, but wouldn’t this color look great with a white dress? I always wear this one on holidays. It’s a fave year round, and I wear it on the 4th of July and Christmas. It’s just so festive and pretty.

There are apparently a lot of dupes out there, with luxe shimmery top coats that are similarly white and glowy. But I don’t think they look this good in one coat. This isn’t a glittery polish, and I’ve never used it over the top of a white or anything else. It’s not just a top coat as much as it is a one-coater.

hello kitty opi

What do you think? Do you like this one?

I am in love with it… 😀



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