NYX Lipsticks!


Whoever names the NYX Round Case lipsticks has an awesome imagination. I own seven of these inexpensive, nice lipsticks, and love the names. The name Violet Ray evokes something futuristic and space age to me, and it’s a metallic purple color that fits with that. Fire is a warm orange red, and Stella is a zippy, happy light coral. Haute Melon is a chic orangey coral, and Rose is a nice neutral pink. Best of all is Snow White, which is a deep, blue-based classic red lipstick.



These lipsticks are creamy and have a strong color payoff. Here is Stella, the light pink, swatched on my lips (above).

Next is hot pink, which is a really great blue-based bright pink. This is one of my FAVORITE lipsticks!


Here is ROSE, which is my boss’s name! It’s also a really peachy coral from this collection.


FIRE is a warm red, with pink undertones. I like this one a lot.


I did a whole post about Violet Ray about two months ago, and you can find that here!

Do you own any of these lipsticks? I love them and can never resist grabbing on at Ulta whenever I go!


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