I have been super into with watching two shows on Netflix. I finally broke my addiction to The Office, which everyone is relieved about, from my boyfriend to my brother to my boss, who always asked, “Haven’t you seen this episode? And all of them?”





Scott and I watch this while we cook. I really like a good Roger heavy episode. My brother got me back into this show over the summer, when we would stay up late eating candy and watching cartoons like we were kids again.




This is the BBC version of Sir Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes, and it is seriously AMAZING. There are only six episodes, and they are an hour and a half long each, so I would recommend setting aside some serious time.

I also have a new September playlist:

MUSIC loves lately:

1. Enjoy The Silence – Depeche Mode (They’re going to be at ACL! Not that I am going to ACL!)

2. Roar – Katy Perry

3. Champion – The Chevin

4. Hunny Girl – Pepper (I LOVE Pepper, and always remember driving around listening to them in high school. This is a really fun new track of theirs)

5. Blame It On The Boogie The Jackson 5 (SO GOOD)

6. My Number – Foals (I love this band, so relaxing)

7. SOS in Bel Air -Phoenix

8. In The Stars – Icona Pop (Can’t wait to run to this one!)

9. Sleep Alone – Two Door Cinema Club

10. Hungry HeartBruce Springsteen (Although I only have this really crappy live version where he’s all HELLO CLEVELAND in the beginning)


I’ve been reading so fast & so much lately! Currently, I am about 10 years behind the times and am devouring THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA by Lauren Weisberger. I don’t know how I never read this…? Also:

-THE BLING RING by Nancy Jo Sales (Just made into a movie this past summer with Emma Watson)



This book is one I had been eyeing while it was in hardcover. And even though I don’t eat butter, it’s a book about a personal chef (!!), and Beth Harbison is a great writer. She reminds me a lot of Jennifer Weiner, one of my favorites.

-THE SMART ONE by Jennifer Close

I had LOVED Close’s other novel, Girls In White Dresses, and snatched up her second novel the second it came out in paperback. Loved it.


Room spray!


I have salted caramel, pumpkin spice, and toasted marshmallow. I had to go to Walmart to get the marshmallow one, and I am otherwise morally opposed to Walmart. But if you’ve been on this blog before, you know I am oddly obsessed with all things marshmallow.

These each smell amazing, especially the PUMPKIN ONE!! I will run around the house and spray around the couches and rugs with these sprays before the boys get home from work. I have to do something to combat living with two BMX boys. Other than sweep the house every day, I mean.


-Watching Metaphysical Milkshake episodes with Rainn Wilson on Youtube. These are just amazing. Rainn Wilson played Dwight on The Office, but he’s just an amazingly cool guy with a great Youtube channel.



That’s all!

What are you into lately? You know I want to know! What songs are on your September playlist? Is Orange Is The New Black worth watching on Netflix? Any predictions on how Sherlock… did that thing in the season two finale?

Have a great weekend!

♥Cinnamon Sugar Beauty


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