Sephora Lipstick

I feel like we all know that the house brand of make up is usually to be avoided, even if it is cheaper than the rest of the stuff in the store. For instance, I cringe a little every time I see a girl on a make up forum post her big haul of all Ulta Brand cosmetics. I mean, they’re okay. But I feel like even buying just about any other drugstore brand would be more worth the money. I have an Ulta eyeshadow that I got for free in a beauty bag, and it takes 75 coats for the color to even show up on my lid.

Still, there is one brand that always proves me wrong.

I LOVE Sephora’s Sephora Collection Lipsticks.



I have six of these lipsticks, at $12 each at Sephora- the Rouge Cream and Rouge Shine lipsticks.

Top Row- No. 31 Flashy, No. 16 Sweetheart, No. 03 Tenderness

Bottom Row- The Red 04, Mr. Lover 10, Jealous 07

First, here is the sparkly blue based red FLASHY swatched on my lips:


Here I am in the gorgeous, glossy SWEETHEART lipstick. It’s a perfect light pink & applies more like a lip gloss than a lipstick.


This is one of my favorites- the glossy nude TENDERNESS:


The hot fuchsia color MR. LOVER


And lastly, the orange JEALOUS:



I love these lipsticks since they apply so easily and are perfect for casual days at work or school. Since they are glossy and easy to apply, I would highly recommend these to a make up newbie or a student. I also think the range of colors is exciting- there are so many great ones to choose from! These look way fancier on than you’d expect from the house brand.

♥Cinnamon Sugar Beauty


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