Wet N Wild Mega Last Lipstick

I have eight lipsticks on my make up table that each cost $2 each and stay on for up to 3 hours. I would certainly recommend them to anyone, and have a lust list of six more shades.



Here we have Smokin’ Hot Pink, Dollhouse Pink, and Cherry Picking.

Each of these is really nice, sort of traditional pinks and reddish pinks, with the obvious glaring exception of the Nicki Minaj-esque one in the middle.

Here is Doll House Pink on me:


It’s a little intense, a light blue-based bright Barbie pink. I never wear this one out of the house, since it just looks like I painted my lips on.

Now to the nudes:



We have Bare It All, Just Peachy, and Think Pink. I really like Think Pink, but otherwise Just Peachy is slightly too light for my summer skin tone. Here is Bare It All swatched on:


It’s a nice nude, but I think the pigmentation makes it sort of a big commitment for a nude. For instance, if I was back at community college, I wouldn’t want to wear this since it’s so noticeable, even though it is a nude shade. I like it for going out to a casual weekend dinner.

Here are my two darkest shades:

IMG_3522 IMG_3524

Cherry Bomb is a brown based dark red. It is hard to apply, since the formula is so thick and drying, and it’s such a dark color. I really like the way it looks on though. Stoplight Red is a good blue based red.

Here is Youtuber “SaturdayNightsAlrite” doing a review with some other colors!


I really love the slim size of these black lipstick tubes, and the color payoff is intense. I love all of the different shades available, and will definitely buy more next time I see them. I think if you are a college student without a lot of makeup (or money!), this is a good way to build up your collection on the cheap.

Here is where you can buy them!



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