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Mermaid Makeup with Super Shock Eyeshadows ⚡️

Mermaid eyes!

Wet N Wild Mega Last Lipstick

I have eight lipsticks on my make up table that each cost $2 each and stay on for up to 3 hours. I would certainly recommend them to anyone, and have a lust list of six more shades. Here we have Smokin' Hot Pink, Dollhouse Pink, and Cherry Picking. Each of these is really nice, sort … Continue reading Wet N Wild Mega Last Lipstick

NYX Lipstick Review: Summer Breeze

I have bought so many tubes of NYX round case lipsticks (because there are a MILLION colors and they're $3.99 a tube), but my favorite NYX lipstick is from the Matte line. My favorite is the one right there, front row center. It's a very light pink called Summer Breeze. Here it is on my … Continue reading NYX Lipstick Review: Summer Breeze