Kate Moss Rimmel Lipsticks

I own three of the Rimmel lipsticks that I hear about all the time online. Everyone is in love with the Kate Moss line for Rimmel, and the 101 shade is always sold out online! 101 is the one in the middle in the photo below.



As you can see, I have 11, 12, and 101. 11 is a dark red, 12 is an orangey red, and 101 is a nude bubblegum pink.


-They smell amazing. Every time I reach for 101, I get a whiff of light vanilla cream.

-Also, the 101 is the perfect lipstick to have in your purse since it goes with everything.

-They are long lasting.

-They’re matte & highly pigmented.


-The 11 is very difficult to apply

-The 101 can be drying & will show any imperfections or dryness in lips.

-12 has a yellow undertone and makes my teeth seem yellow


These are just $5.50 on Ulta‘s website, and there are a lot of good colors to choose from. I think compared to a lot of other drugstore lipsticks, these are really quite good.

The red Kate tubes are especially pretty on my vanity!

What do you think? Do you have any of these? Do you want them?

♥Cinnamon Sugar Beauty


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