OPI: She’s A Bad Muffuletta

Hey everyone!

Today I wanted to show off my favorite polish from the OPI New Orleans collection. This collection came out in spring of 2016, and I liked the lineup so much I had the ads for it on my wall. I just thought the whole thing was really well thought out and cute! I picked up She’s A Bad Muffuletta and Suzi Nails New Orleans (a light pink) when the polishes hit stores.


She’s A Bad Muffuletta is a play on ‘she’s a bad mama jamma’ and muffuletta, which is a popular sandwich in Louisiana. If nothing else, maybe that’s what we learned today. Lol.


It’s a red, it’s a pink, it’s a coral– all at once. This color is STUNNING.


It really brings out a tan, and it looks amazing on all skin tones from dark to light.


She’s A Bad Muffuletta is a bright creme polish with a good formula. It’s a little thick, in my opinion, but that works for it. It could be a one coat wonder, but I always do two coats. It just looks better with a careful second coat to perfect everything, and I always top this baby with a glossy-ass top coat. The only reason I don’t reach for it more is that I do find thicker formulas to be pains to work with…

I really have to take my time with this one.


It’s weird how such a common seeming color is actually SO unique! This color was by far the standout of the New Orleans lineup, and it’s one of my favorites in my whole stash. It’s a special color.


Maybe I’m partial to it because Scott picked it out. I was totally ready to pass this one over in favor of more exciting shades (New Orleans collection had some crazy blues), but he can spot a winner- it’s one of his secret talents. He was right, this one is gorgeous.


I posted this one on my Instagram, and it looked downright red there. It depends on the light. If you like this polish, which I hope you do, it’s still available everywhere. Ulta has a little page dedicated to the whole New Orleans collection, and they’re all for sale for $10 there. I also found them on Amazon. I’m glad I have this polish in my stash. I hope my photos did it justice- it is so hot and special!

Did you grab any colors from this collection? Do you like this one?

Have a great day!



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