Cotton Candy Nails!

Hey everyone!

As long as I’ve had this blog, I’ve had a nail polish that pretty much holds the highest spot in my heart. There are other nail polishes that I use more and might have better formulas, or maybe they are just newer, but…

Orly Cotton Candy is one of my favorite polishes ever! ♡


Orly Cotton Candy has the best polish name ever, first of all. I love cotton candy. I’ll take cotton candy flavored ice cream, cotton candy go-gurt (did you ever eat that?? I loved it lol), cotton candy itself on a stick at a fair… And I love pale pink and pastel blue, the two colors associated with cotton candy.


This polish is SOOOO old. I think it was released in 2010! That’s when my boyfriend and I got together, aka a long-ass time ago. It was in Orly’s Sweet collection. It’s definitely still available online and at Sally’s and other places in stores, so it’s not hard to find. Just ’cause it’s an oldie and a goodie, doesn’t mean it’s one of those hard-to-find polishes.


I seriously think this is one of the prettiest nail polishes ever created. I’m passionate about this one, gosh darnit! Haha.


It’s a pale pink with neon peach undertones. It’s described as a pink pastel creme. Orly has tons of beautiful pinks- here’s their lineup– and I think they’re a seriously underrated brand. Oh! And one thing I love about Orly-

Those grippy caps!! They make painting so much easier…!


This is if a peach and a pastel pink had a beautiful baby.

It looks stunning against my skin tone, and I know it would look great against darker skin tones as well. It has the right undertones to really pop against yellow and olive undertones. Here’s how the color compares to some of my other pinks.


About that formula…

Duh, obviously it’s a 10. It wouldn’t be my fave if it had a bad formula. It’s a creme, and it applies really well in two coats. I always top this one with a shiny top coat, like Seche Vive.


Do you have this one? Pull it out and use it if you do! I promise this sweet shade won’t let you down.

Have a great day!



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