Magic Magenta! It’s Orly’s Purple Crush

Hey everyone!

Oh boy, do I have a sweet color for you today. This formula is a dream. Orly does it again!

orly purple crush polish review


Orly’s Purple Crush is not actually a true purple. It’s a hot magenta purple. In some lights, it actually just looks sort of pink. Orly describes this one as a hot purple creme, but the photos speak for themselves… it’s not a purple creme. It’s not a violet or lavender- hey, wait, wouldn’t a violet polish be nice? I don’t have one of those. It’s a true magenta.



This formula is magical. It’s beautiful. It’s just excellent. This polish dries very glossy, and it goes on easily. I used two coats, which makes me happy. Most of my polishes require 3 coats, so it’s always a treat to get done in two (or one! But one coaters are rare…). It’s weird because the Makeup Alley reviews seem to hate this one, so I think there were some dud polishes in the batch. I would take a chance on this one even though there are mixed reviews out there, since a good bottle is a REALLY good bottle.

Purple Crush: Shiny creme formula that dries glossy, applies easily, and looks good in 2 coats.



This is from the summer 2015 Adrenaline Rush collection. This polish looked really good on my skin tone. It has a very warm undertone, and it’s a lovely color year round. Also, I didn’t use a base coat and used a glossy top coat. It’s nice to see such a bright pinky purple that actually looks good against my skin.



Color: 9/10

Formula: 9/10

Uniqueness: 7/10

Name That Matches the Color: 1/10… Come on. Was the name MAGENTA CRUSH taken or something??


What do you think of this one? Do you have many Orly polishes in your collection? Some of my all time favorite polishes are Orly brand. One of my loves is Cotton Candy (which I blogged about here) and just had great luck with Royal Navy. I think it’s because I love that grippy cap and a creme formula.

Have a great weekend!



One thought on “Magic Magenta! It’s Orly’s Purple Crush

  1. I got a pedicure with Orly Purple Crush and I really love this color. Im some lights, it looks purple, and in other lights it appears to be bright pink! It is so much fun and I received three compliments so far!

    Thank you,


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