OMG: Morgan Taylor Lip Service πŸ’–πŸ’•

Hey everyone!

I have a polish that looks so mehΒ on my nail polish rack. I definitely pass by this one sometimes since it looks so stuffy and old ladyish in the bottle. This is just a big lesson in not judging a polish by the bottle color! Lip Service is one of the most stunning polishes in my whole collection, and it’s a true must have- especially for this month… More on why below!

BTW- I did these swatches while wearing my fake stiletto nails, so you can really see the color on such a large surface area. If you like the look of these fake nails, check out my faux-acrylic nails post for all the info!

morgan taylor lip service nail polish review


What can I say? My girly girl nature is just over the moon for this pretty Barbie pink! It’s a blue based dusty bubble gum pink. It’s slightly less neon than it appears in photos, especially on my natural nails, but it is this fun and beautiful! It’s almost violet colored, since it’s got such a subtle purple undertone.



This polish has a great formula. In the first coat, it’s slightly difficult to work with. When painting fake nails, you get to fudge your application a little- you can have too much on the brush and it doesn’t matter since there’s so much nail to paint. But with natural nails, the amount of polish you need on the brush has to be more exact. The second coat of this one was fully opaque and perfect on my fake nails, but showed ridges on my natural nails. I applied a light third coat.

This is a creme polish, and you definitely need to let each coat dry almost completely before going in with the next one. If you don’t, you can pull the polish and leave little marks that you’ll need to cover up with even more polish. So just be patient with this one. It takes a long time to dry. I had to redo my thumb twice because I kept getting impatient and going in too fast with the top coat.



This polish is available on Amazon for just $7, which is pretty good since Morgan Taylor polishes can be a little pricy.

This is the perfect polish to have on my nails to kick off Breast Cancer Awareness month, which is each year in October. Both of my grandmothers had breast cancer, and my paternal grandmother actually died from it in her early thirties, so I never met her. Although I did get my name from her- she was Dorothy, and now I’m Taylor Dorothy. That connection to her makes me happy.

This pink is fun but also serious if you work in an office, and it is a similar pink to the famous breast cancer ribbon that promotes awareness. Awareness should not just be about prevention and screening- this can be a terminal disease, and we are fighting for the cure. (That link is interesting, not scary, I promise).



Color: 10/10 (um, look at the pics, hello! 😍)

Formula: 6/10 (because I’m impatient)

Uniqueness: 8/10 (because of that violet note)

Using a pink polish to talk about cancer on my blog: 10/10 (But I am sorry if you didn’t like it. A purely fun nail post is coming tomorrow!)

What do you think about this pink? And do you like the fake nails? I’m just so into this pink on such girly almond nails. It’s like femininity to the max.


I know so many of us have been affected by cancer, either personally or because our loved ones have had it, and I’m sorry if you have experienced this. We’re in this together!

Have a great week, and happy October!



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