OPI: Lincoln Park After Dark

Hey everyone!

Today I wanted to show off the most perfect, beautiful, stunning, vampy color EVER! The day I get changed into a vampire, I’ll have this on my nails. Of course I’m talking about the CLASSIC OPI polish, Lincoln Park After Dark.


Lincoln Park After Dark is NOT black. This is one of those colors that your grandma might think is black because it’s dark, but it’s very clearly an elegant, dark nail polish. I swear, if you wear this one, you will just keep staring at your nails. It’s a very beautiful color, and one of the few I’ve found that looks good on…

ALL skin tones and ALL nail shapes.

It’s rare to find a color that looks equally good on long-ass ovals as it does on super-short squares. This is that color.


You can see that it’s not black in the bottle. It almost looks purple, but it’s less eggplant toned on the nails. It’s more like a blackberry.

The blackberry, dark purple undertones are showing up better in this pic.

This one will NOT stain your nails- at least, it’s never stained mine in all the times I’ve worn it. It doesn’t even stain my cuticles that badly if I apply it a little messy… unlike a red I was contending with earlier. I hate stained cuticles!


This formula is AMAZING. That’s a huge part of the reason this is one of OPI’s most classic shades. It was opaque in two coats- nice, easy coats. But I did three, since I want my nails to be perfectly covered. I topped this mani with Seche Vite quick dry top coat. LPAD has a smooth and shiny finish on its own.


Right here is how it actually looks on my nails.

It’s so weird- there are so many swatches of this polish online, and they all look weird and purple!! It makes me wonder if we have different bottles or something. But it’s like a deep, glossy not-black. It’s not purple. Here’s OPI’s official swatch, which honestly stresses me out. It doesn’t look like that at aaaaaaaaaall, guyyyysss!! πŸ‘Ώ


Lastly, I would say if you’re unsure which color to pick for a pedicure at a salon, this is an eye-catching choice. It’s somehow bold and classy at the same time. Can you tell this polish is truly worth its reputation? It photographs so well, too!

This color is totally guest-at-a-wedding, second-date, popping-against-a-pale-dress-on-vacay perfection.


It’s for sale at Sally’s for $10 (with some kind of buy two get one free sale right now), and on Beyond Polish with a deceptively colored bottle pic for just $5.49. If you don’t have this one, DEFINITELY take a chance. It’s one of those tried and true OPIs. This is also one of the most perfect autumn shades, which is perfect for me to post on the first day of summer, lol πŸ˜….

Let me know what you think of Lincoln Park After Dark!


PS:Β Lincoln Park After Dark has a sister. It’s Lincoln Park At Midnight– here’s a swatch I pulled from google. It looks much more straight-forwardly purple.



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