CND Vinylux: Electric Orange

Hey everyone!

It’s SUMMER!!! It’s 103° here today in Austin, BUT it’s 114° in Las Vegas so comparatively, it’s pretty nice out. Right? Right? How was that logic! I bet people in Arizona would love a nice breezy 103° day!

With such a perfectly killer summer day outside my window, I figured it was the perfect time to bust out one of my three CND Vinylux weekly polishes. I talked all about my first bottle of Vinylux in my Creekside post (it was a gift from my aunt’s friend! what a thoughtful gift to give a nail polish addict!), and this one came in my last Beyond Polish order.



To start, this is a summer orange. Oranges can go one of two ways:

Perfect colors for summer that pop against a tan and aquamarine water…

Or perfect colors for fall, calling to mind pumpkins and changing leaves.


This one would need browner undertones and a warmer color overall to fall into the autumn polish category. It’s sort of a blue-red undertone, which really makes it pop. It also makes sense that this one was from CND’s summer 2014 collection. Don’t worry, I’ll be here on this blog, swatching old-ass nail polish colors that deserve love as long as you’ll have me 😉


I edited the above pic a bit so you can see more clearly how it looks in natural light. It isn’t so obnoxiously neon. It’s still very bright and VERY orange, which I love! Orange polishes are amazing. They’re undeniably fun and versatile, and they have more personality than reds, which are practically a neutral nail at this point.


As for formula…

CND Vinylux polishes are paired with their weekly top coat in the black bottle. The proper way to apply a CND Vinylux is to use no base coat at all, then two coats of the polish, finished off with one coat of their top coat. Let them dry in the light- I think I read somewhere that sunshine is preferable for this formula- and the polish will dry and harden and get better (rather than deteriorate like most polishes) over the next few days.

I found this to be very easy to apply, and yet it was hard to keep it to two coats. I felt like the formula called for three, although it was opaque, because it was a little uneven in parts. The top coat did wonders for evening it all out, though.

And weirdly enough the top coat smells really good? Like vanilla?

Or maybe that was just me after painting my nails for so long. Let me know if you’ve got this weekly top coat and think it smells kinda nice!!


So, since I run a nail polish blog and have been obsessed with taking good swatch pics lately, there’s no way I was keeping this bad boy on long enough to attest to its weekly claims. I kept it on for two whole days, though, which is forever for me. I lasted well through dishes and cooking and cleaning, and was chip free when I removed it with acetone.

I absolutely LOVE this color.

If you don’t have an orange, this is one I definitely recommend. It is bright and gorgeous and a lovely true-orange. It’s not a neon like Orly neons, and I’d say it’s wearable for such a bright color, even if you’re 55 or 15. This is a good one, guys. It’s for sale on for $5.25, and for $5.99 if you shop there, and a bunch of other online retailers. This polish is not hard to find, which is great because I’m thinking it’s pretty much a rockstar.

Do you like orange polishes? Are you more team summer orange, or team autumn orange?




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