Hey everyone!

I used to keep a daily journal all throughout high school and college. I started it as a sophomore, and kept it up for the next five years. I wrote everything down, and I kept a lot of lists. One of the lists I can find all throughout these spiral notebooks are my lust lists!

It should be noted that I wrote “white denim jacket” on just about every lust list I kept! I finally got one, and I never wear it. That one scene in Friends where Monica wore a white denim jacket really influenced me, I guess (which is weird, since Rachel is much more of a style icon than Monica)! This lust list is a little more practical- these are the things I want to pick up this summer!


Yellow nail polish! This is so essential to doing nail art, yet I don’t have one. Must rectify ASAP!

Desert Essences lotion in coconut. I used to wear this in high school and get complimented on how good it smells. It makes my legs so smooth and the scent lingers all day. Time to pick up a bottle for summer 😉


Blonde dry shampoo. My normal Batiste is good but I love the blonde one on days where I have roots to cover, too!

Sugar SPF lip balm. I’ve used up THREE of these, and they’re soo expensive ($24!!) I’m hesitant to replace. But now it’s summer and SPF lip products are extra-necessary…

KL Polish in St. Clair. I can’t believe I haven’t tried KL polish yet, and this color is named for one of my favorite characters from Anna & The French Kiss, a book I just read and loved! It’s in stock and about what I pay for polish at Ulta… I have to get this!


St. Tropez bronzing mousse. This stuff makes it so freaking easy to self-tan! I’m using up my sample size quickly.

♡ Shoes that are comfortable to ride bikes in! Now I have a pair of Vans but they hurt my feet after an hour… I need to solve this asap.

♡ A flat brimmed hat like this! I know I live in Texas and it’s going to be hot the next three months, but I don’t care. I want it.


♡ A gingham mini dress. I don’t know why, but this is my obsession.


♡ Embroidered boots like Kate Hudson wears as Penny Lane in Almost Famous.


White nail polish! If you saw my Alpine Snow post, you know why 👿

♡ A denim fit & flare dress like the one below. I can’t believe I don’t own a denim dress, and I’ve finally committed to not buying any dresses that aren’t fit & flare like this. It just looks so much better on me than boxy ones.


♡ A set of stackable, thin midi rings. I’m getting a little tired of my two midi rings in every photo on my @taylordorothynails instagram.

Ribbons to tie to Monty, my bike. I just think that’s a really cute look.

I think that’s all for now, although there is tons more I want. I can’t help it, I live in a greedy consumerist society and lust for lots! I try to be content with all that I have, and then I’m driven to make a list like this.

What do you have your eye on this summer? 

This is a safe space. Share your shopping dreams with me. Hahaha. You can tweet at me, too! Get in touch ♡




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