OPI Polish: Alpine Snow

Hey everyone!

Today, for the first time, I’ll be posting about a polish I hate!!! I am so picky about buying polish that normally, only good formulas make it into my collection. I can go through all 100 or so bottles and know each one is pretty great, unless it’s dried out or something. Then I placed an order from Beyond Polish (which I love) and got two bottles I hate. One I’ll be blogging about later this week, and the other… is famous.

I do not like one of OPI’s number one best sellers. I was so surprised!

You and I do not get along, Alpine Snow.

And I had such high expectations!


Alpine Snow is a pure, opaque creme white nail polish. It’s widely considered one of the best whites on the market. I bought it to replace a Sinful Colors white that I’d used up while doing nail art and the occasional white mani.

It doesn’t look SO bad if you squint, or imagine that I’m in middle school and did this with Wite Out. πŸ‘ΏπŸ‘ΏπŸ‘Ώ


White is one of those strange colors for me where if I see someone with white nails, I IMMEDIATELY want to paint my nails white. It’s so weird! If I see a cute yellow or pink mani, I’ll take note, but a fresh white manicure has me itching to do the same.


Look at that! This was me painting as carefully as possible, with the amount on the brush that would normally work perfectly. Look at that thumb nail! Look at the streaky, clumpiness of my pinky! 😦

I swear I tried my best to make this polish look good.



I know white nail polish formulas are notoriously hard to work with. This is common knowledge. But the only reason that I had such high expectations of this is I’ve heard other nail addicts call this their Holy Grail white polish, and it’s well reviewed online. I figured I can’t go wrong, and it HAD to be better than my $2 Sinful Colors one. But I was sooo wrong.


This was within an hour of application. I have never wanted to get a polish off my nails so fast.

I hate this polish, and this formula! I know super opacity is probably better for nail art than a sheer, but I’m still feeling quite cranky about this polish. I’m also very sure I didn’t get a dud. I’ve tried thinning it out, shaking it a bunch, and have given up.

The hunt for a good white nail polish is still on!

Do you have any white polish recs for me?? Get at me on Instagram or in the comments. Do you have Alpine Snow? Lemme know how it works for you!




11 thoughts on “OPI Polish: Alpine Snow

  1. Ah sorry this hadn’t turned out as you had hoped! The color looks great, but the texture leaves something to be desired haha πŸ™ˆ

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