Essie Polish: Going Guru

Hey everyone!

Today I have a soft, serene green on my nails. This is a pretty unique color, at least in my collection, so let’s dive in!


This polish is from the Essie Resort 2016 collection. Wow, look at me go- I haven’t done such a current polish since my blue from the Essie summer 2017 collection. This polish just screams spring! So I’m a little late. But it works for summer, too. How could it not?

Going Guru is lime-y and minty- basically a mojito.


Going Guru is similar to Essie’s Fashion Playground and Mint Candy Apple. I have Mint Candy Apple– it’s one of my FAVORITE polishes of all time– and these two are not dupes. More like cousins. MCA is minty and almost a pastel blue. Going Guru is a fuzzy pale apple green.


This polish has a decent formula. It is streaky and thin for the first coat, but the second covers all of that as long as you use a little more polish. Then a light third coat to perfect things, and a top coat for shine (but you can skip the top coat on this one, actually). I had to work for it, but it wasn’t too bad, especially compared to some other devil polishes I’ve had on my nails this week.


It went on evenly, and I was done in three coats plus a glossy top coat. It really looked good on my skin tone, and popped against gold jewelry and a brown top. I liked the rest of the shades in the Resort collection as well- a cobalt blue, an orange, and a strawberry milkshake pink- but Going Guru was the most unique to me.


It’s surprisingly wearable for a green nail polish, right? It looks pretty sophisticated, which is hard for blues and greens to pull off as a general rule. Despite the slightly annoying formula (JUST slightly), this color gets a lot of points for being so special. Maybe because it’s so soft and mossy. It’s inoffensive and pretty.


If you were going on a vacation, this would be a great one to pack.

Funny that a polish from the resort collection is so calling to mind a vacation…

What do you think of a green like this? I’m surprised by how often I reach for it. Do you like this one? Let me know!! ♡

Also… have you ever actually seen someone wearing green nails out and about? I feel like I never do! 😳



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