OPI Polish: A Definite Moust Have

Hey everyone!

I just painted my nails with a color I haven’t used in soo long. I just saw it staring at me from the OPI pinks shelf of my nail polish rack, and I was like, okay buddy, let’s do this. I couldn’t remember why I never reach for this one. It’s pretty, it’s got a nice shimmery you can see through the bottle, and I know it has a good formula if I bought it. Lol.


“A Definite Moust Have” is from the OPI Limited Couture De Minnie collection they put out in 2013- aka the Minnie Mouse line.


It’s a medium rosy pink that proved very hard to photograph accurately. It kept wanting to pull red! And the shimmer is practically invisible in my pics, which added to my frustration.


You see, even though this color is beautiful in the bottle and has an amazing formula, it’s just so meh on my nails. The formula is great, though, to be sure- it’s opaque and lovely in two coats, and shines with a top coat.

See? Am I crazy? It’s so boring!


The Minnie Mouse collection was mostly reds and pinks, which shows how much they upped their game when they did the Hello Kitty collection (which had yellows and blacks and blues, along with KILLER pinks and reds).


This color is still available online, here at Target, but I think this one is super-skippable. If you don’t have a shimmery pink, are you even a nail polish collector? Colors like these are a dime a dozen. And although Moust Have has an A+ formula, it’s so uninspiring.

There’s a reason I haven’t reached for this one in years, and it’s not just because of the shimmer (when we all know I’m a creme polish girl).


Whenever I look down at my nails with this one, I think that I can do better. 

It inspired me to take it off and put a fun color on- like Orly’s Fancy Fucshia or Essie’s Blue La La. Something that makes me smile! Am I just being picky? Do you like how it looks? Or are there just some colors that you skip, too?

Do you have this one? Let me know if you do!!



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