ATX Good Life: Cow Tipping Creamery

Hey everyone!

When you live in a city like Austin, it can be hard to keep up with all the amazing places to check out and unique stuff to eat. Then there are places like Cow Tipping Creamery, which I’ve been hearing about for years (their Instagram will make your mouth water) and always knew would be something special. CTC used to be a food truck, and I’m not great at catching food trucks. They aren’t usually open too late, and I hate when I finally show up and it’s the one day of the week they’re closed, or something. But now CTC is a little shop down in South Austin! Easy to get to and next to a coffee shop and pizzeria.

I had to check it out!


CTC has three soft serve flavors a week– vanilla bean, milk chocolate, and the special one. When I went, the special one was bananas foster to pair with their bananas foster sundae. We decided to get a SWIRL of vanilla and milk chocolate.

Can’t go wrong with a swirl, y’all!


We ordered the BROWNIE & COOKIE D’OH sundae in a kiddie (4 oz) cup. The Brownie & Cookie D’oh sundae is soft serve of your choice, triple fudge brownie chunks, brown sugar chocolate chip cookie dough (OMFG), cocoa cookie crumb, and brown sugar hot fudge. Can you even handle that description?? Ahhh!


Our sundae was AMAZING! I liked the cookie dough, and Scott liked the brownies. The absolute best part, though, was the bottom. At the bottom of the cup, it was all brown sugar fudge sauce, melted soft serve, and big spoonfuls of this fabulous crushed up cookie crumb. It was my cookies and cream dreams coming true just as the sundae was almost over. You can really see the cookie crumbs in the photo above.


Their menu is amazing!! The CTC Banana Split and all of the toppings look good, too! Next time I’m going to try the It’s Your Birthday sundae, which is soft serve of your choice, chunks of the cake of the week, birthday cake crumb, and white chocolate sauce. I am muy interested in the idea of white chocolate sauce. It’s also the one I see most often on Instagram. I love anything birthday cake, too.

What would you get if you could go?

And if you live in Austin, definitely check them out!



2 thoughts on “ATX Good Life: Cow Tipping Creamery

  1. The one you ordered looks the best, but I’d maybe try the Birthday Cake one too or At the Ritz. Looks good! 🍨🍦😋

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