Orly Polish: Push The Limit

Hey everyone!

Today I wanted to show off this Orly Polish that looks juicy and gorgeous on the nails. I just love Orly. They’re so consistent. I know if I grab any polish off my Orly shelf, it’s going to be good.


This is a creme polish. It looks perfect after two coats, but I always prefer to do three coats and a seche vite quick-dry top coat. This is truly a 10/10 formula for me. It was a dream to apply. If you don’t have a ton of experience with nail polish, I recommend you check out a creme polish by Orly. They apply easily and look great, even if it’s an imperfect paint job.


Look at that yummy, creamy peach! This is perfect for my summer manicure series. Another winner!


Part of why I love Orly so much is the grippy caps. They really do make a difference when you’re painting the sidewalls and down by the cuticles.


This color looks so beautiful in the bottle, and amazingly it’s almost the exact same shade on my actual nails. I love when that happens.


See how in some swatches it kind of pulls neon? In some lights it’s peachy pink, and in some it seems almost orange. It’s very bright in person. The photo above is a very accurate swatch. I took it in a mix of natural and office light, and edited it to be true to life.

Do you like this one? How do you feel about Orly?

This polish is available here on Orly’s website for $8.50, from Sally’s for $7.69, and from my favorite place, Beyond Polish, for just $4.25.

Thanks for reading!




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