CND Vinylux: Creekside

Hey everyone!

Although you wouldn’t guess it from the community on Instagram, meeting another nail polish obsessed person in real life is incredibly rare. I’ve only met a few ladies like this! I met one out in the wilds of New Jersey while visiting my aunt who could clock what color was on my nails, and instantly give me advice on my top-coat. She told me about CND Vinylux weekly polishes, saying they are the only ones that actually last. I told her about storing her nail polish in an acrylic rack instead of a sad box under the bed. It was a valuable exchange.

Now, I own three CND Vinylux polishes and I am interested in owning more. They have a GREAT line of colors. I’m always impressed when a brand can actually add something to the oversaturated world of nail polish selection. I like what CND has to offer, especially in this Vinylux lineup (they also have a gel polish and a Play line that you’ve probably seen around).

The shade I’m showing off today is called Creekside. It’s a dusty cotton candy blue. If you saw my Blue La La post, you know I’ve been on the hunt for my perfect summer sky blue. Creekside was a contender for that, but- although it’s gorgeous- it just wasn’t bright enough.


This color is from the Floral & Fauna collection CND put out in spring of 2015. I love a spring polish collection!


CND Vinylux is especially easy to pick up from my favorite site, Beyond Polish. That’s where I purchased Creekside and the matching Weekly Top Coat. I think I can use the top coat with more than just the CNDs but I haven’t tried that. Next I’ll probably pick up Cake Pop, Cream Puff, and Salmon Run (food names… yum). They’re just $5.25 on there, as well, which I like!! Here’s Creekside, for the same price as my grande iced soy half-caff caramel macchiato (yes I really order that 😐😑).


As for the claims of this polish lasting a week…

On me, with the amount of dishes, cooking, shampooing, digging around in cups of makeup brushes, and typing I do, polishes don’t last that long. I start picking at the chips and mess it up. Plus, with my habit of removing polish to swatch more for my blog, I don’t even have expectations of it lasting long. I like to look at a new color every few days anyway, if I’m on a trip.


Still, when worn correctly, this polish lasted five days on me.

That could be a week on a normal nail polish wearer!


Wearing this correctly entails NO base coat (not even my beloved OPI Nail Envy), three thin coats of the polish, although you can definitely get away with two, and a nice, heavy coat of the Weekly Top Coat. They formulated it that way. With Creekside especially, this is SUCH a good formula. It gets extra points for being so good in such a notoriously difficult shade (how many white based polishes are way too sheer or watery or get too thick and goopy? Ugh). This is truly a 10/10 formula from me.

So, what do you think? Do you want to try a Vinylux polish?

I have one other CND Vinylux color I want to share this week, so stay tuned!



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