Essie Does Summer Blue Right

Hi everyone!

I have been on the hunt for a perfect sky blue for… basically, FOREVER. I don’t want a dusty blue, or a purple-toned one, or too bright a blue. I want that July day with the sun high in the sky polish. And to make it harder, I’m very particular about my polish formula. I’ve rejected many pastel blues due to a thin, watery formula.

I recently tried the summer 2017 Essie collection out at my Sally’s and figured the included blue would be just another weak, five-coater formula. To my surprise, it was an incredible blue and I bought it on the spot! Blue La La is right! Ooooh la la, I’m pleased. Ha.

Here is the FABULOUS, RARE, EXCELLENTLY FORMULATED Blue La La by Essie for Summer 2017:

Essie Summer 2017


Essie has a reliably thin brush and great formula, and this blue is just lovely.


Look at that creamy blue!


This is definitely the best blue in my collection now, and I’ve already reached for it twice since buying it last week. Now I have to check out the rest of the Essie summer collection, since this color is such a knockout!

What is your nail polish White Whale?



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