OPI: Suzi Loves The Cowboys

Hey everyone!

I think one of the unique things about my blog is that I highlight nail polish colors that don’t get a lot of love these days. Sometimes I pick up new polish when they catch my eye, like the Essie summer collection, but I mostly work my way through my current stash. The colors I feature are all still available, and it’s nice not to just buy-buy-buy all the time, since I don’t REALLY need a thousand reds or blues or whatevers (but I do want them all 😈). I try and limit myself to my ONE nail polish rack, and that means I have to take an old polish out whenever I buy a new one. It keeps me from full-blown polish buying hedonism. And I hope these loved-but-not-forgotten polish posts are a nice reminder in case you have one of them in your collection!

So, that being said, today I’m showing off one of my favorite nail polishes EVER! It’s from OPI’s Texas Collection, released back in summer 2011. I remember when this came out, and it was special to me since I’d only been in Texas for two years. I grabbed Suzi Loves The Cowboys (this one) and San-Tantonio, which I’ll do a post on soon. San Tan is a salted caramel ice cream color!


Is it just me or are brown polishes really underrated? They’re still neutral, but they’re so sophisticated. I love a chocolate brown nail.

Chocolate brown polish is also one of those shades that looks really good on a variety of skin tones. It looks dark and almost vampy on white skin, and for women of color, it’s more of an elegant neutral. I know Suzi Loves The Cowboys would look sooo good on someone with darker skin than me, or someone with more golden undertones. This is just such a lovely true brown.


This formula is streaky and light on the first coat, but to my relief, it’s completely buildable and opaque by three. I topped this with a shiny top coat and find it lasts a good long while. It ended up being a really good formula once I got past the difficult first coat. Whenever I travel, I like to wear this one since I know it won’t chip through TSA and excessive hand-washing, and it looks fancy and classy!


This color is for sale on Beauty Plus for $7.99, my local beloved grocery store HEB for $8.72, and can def be found in some random CVS pharmacies, Walgreens, and Walmarts. I found mine in a CVS this time around, and the Texas collection is still kicking around my HEB (cuz… TEXAS PRIDE, Y’ALL🌵).


This color is pretty similar to an Essie brown called Little Brown Dress that I picked up in my Beyond Polish haul. You can see they are more sisters than twins in the swatch stick comparison below. I can’t believe how few browns I own! Maybe it is time to buy that second nail polish rack and just really go crazy… I am sooo tempted!


What do you think about brown polish? You can always tweet at me with your nail polish opinions, too!



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