OPI Polish: Fashion A Bow

Hey everyone!

I’m in a great mood today, so I wanted to show off one of my all time favorite nail polishes. I’ve used up an entire bottle of this polish before, which we know is a hard thing to do. This one always comes with me when I travel, and it makes my heart happy.


This is a bright, candy apple red jelly polish.


And… you guys… this is a ONE COAT WONDER.


I’m sitting here looking at these swatches, marveling at how evenly the color applied, how lovely it looks, and can’t believe this is one coat of nail polish. I just love that! It’s so uncommon! Some polishes expect you to really baby them and fight and don’t look right until three or four tedious coats. But not Fashion-A-Bow.


As you can see, although this is a One-Coat-Wonder, you can still see my nails underneath. It’s not a sheer polish by any means (I hate sheer polishes- hence why this blog has been opaque creme after opaque creme this week), but it is a jelly. I think this color really lends itself to this finish.


Fashion-A-Bow is also such a cute name!


It’s VERY bright on my nails, and always cheers me up. I’ve worn this a bunch of times while traveling and in a weird way, it comforts me while I’m somewhere new or challenging. As someone once commented on my IG, this shade is:

Bright enough for summer, yet red enough for evening!

Here is my swatchy-stick pic.


It’s closest to Essie’s Hip-Anema, but it’s a totally different formula.

I’ve managed to run into a few polishes from this holiday 2014 (and not core OPI) collection. I have “I Carol About You” (which is just so damn wintry I haven’t reached for it in a while) and “What’s Your Poinsettia,” which I’ll probably blog about soon since it’s another fave red. This one also made my favorite polishes list.

Do you have this one in your collection?

If you do, pull it out and slap it on! It only takes one coat, after all 😜



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