Top 10 Favorites: NAIL POLISH

Hello everyone!!

Today I wanted to write about my top ten favorite nail polishes. I am very into nail polish, and always do my own nails.

I’ll include a review of each color, which one I would most suggest picking up, and how they each apply.


I used to go and get my nails done in a salon pretty often in high school, but as I’ve grown up, that’s changed. I get the job done just fine at home and don’t have to pay anyone! I am also chief dishwasher in our household, ever since our dishwasher started dumping water on the floor (and we have a pretty strict ‘Don’t Bug The Landlord’ policy) and had to switch to washing by hand. This means polish does NOT last long, no matter what I do- top coats, rubber gloves, anything- the only thing that seems to help is getting Scott to do the dishes instead of me!!

I have tried many different brands of nail polish, and I am really focused on QUALITY and APPLICATION. This is why you won’t see Essie Polishes in my favorites list- they are just too hit or miss with their quality, and they are much harder to apply than almost any other polish, in my opinion.

I live for the OPI sales that my local grocery store has a couple times a year, and Sally Beauty’s big Orly and China Glaze sale! I scored a couple of these in that last Sally’s buy one- get one special.

SO!! Here are my TOP 10:


This picture might seem a little dark, but these colors are actually very accurate- a close representation of how the colors really look!


OPI’s Pompeii Purple. ORLY’s Fancy Fuchsia. China Glaze’s Flip Flop Fantasy. ORLY’s Cotton Candy. OPI’s Incognito in Sausalito (which I mentioned in my June Favorites video on my YouTube channel!).


ORLY’s Naughty. OPI’s Fashion A Bow. OPI’s You’re Such a Budapest. OPI’s Shorts Story. ORLY’s Melt Your Popsicle.


Pompeii Purple looks like a hot pink disco ball on the nails. It has one of the best applications out of all my polishes, as well. Super opaque and a rather watery, easy to control formula. This one has it all- a unique, eye grabbing color and a great formula. Here it is on my nails:


Fancy Fuchsia is one of my FAVORITE colors of all time. Every time I wear it, it completely cheers me up and I can’t stop staring at it. I feel like if Barbie came to life and got into the college of her dreams, she would wear this color to celebrate. It’s not too girly or young for a bubblegum pink, since the purple undertones grow it up a bit. Now that I’ve almost used this bottle up, it is getting a little thicker and harder to apply, but when I first bought it, it was perfect. Here it is on my nails:


Flip Flop Fantasy is a quintessential SUMMER color. It is a neon, attention grabbing peach that looks incredible with a tan. This color is so fun and classic, like a white sundress. Like most China Glaze polishes, however, it is USELESS without a good top coat.

Cotton Candy is probably my number one favorite polish of all time. I bring this every single time I travel, and it is as close to a nude or neutral color as I get. It is the perfect peach toned light pink. I love the name too! This is a color I felt ambivalent about in Ulta, but Scott really liked it (he often helps me pick out nail polish, just like I help him pick out guitar amps). This is just the perfect light color for all seasons. Here it is (And don’t mind me, I was into fake nails last year):


Incognito in Sausalito is a very dark blue. It isn’t a pure navy, and has some really great black notes underneath. This is a very classy color that I think would work for all ages and skin tones. It is absolutely stunning on the nails, especially shorter nails. Additionally, it has one of the best formulas out of my whole collection. It’s crazy easy to apply for a dark color, and it is perfect after two coats.

Naughty is a dark, black cherry red. It’s basically a dark chocolate covered cherry in a nail polish. This one reminds me of Christmastime, and of cozy black sweaters in the fall. It applies extremely well, especially compared to Essie’s Sole Mate or OPI’s Congeniality is My Middle Name. It looks good on longer, rounder nails.

Fashion A Bow is quite simply the best red I’ve ever found. I have hunted for a great red for many years, and used to think OPI’s Big Apple Red was the winner. Some other notable reds I’ve tried are OPI’s What’s Your Poinsettia & Red Hot Rio and China Glaze’s Salsa. But once I found Fashion A Bow, I haven’t used anything else. Here is a photo of it on my nails:


As you can see, it’s an orange based red. It applies extremely well and is high quality.

You’re Such A Budapest is a really fun gray based lavender. This was apart of OPI’s European collection, which contained another classic, Suzi’s Hungary Again (a light coral pink). Budapest is a little harder to apply than some of the other colors on the list, since I need two heavy coats to hit opacity. Still, it’s such a unique color and it looks FABULOUS with a matte top coat.

Shorts Story is an OPI classic. It is not spectacular in the bottle, but it is so great on the nails. It’s blue based and more playful than other light, blue based pinks. It is such a classic, and personally, whenever I see it at the store, I pick it up because it catches my eye, and then I realize- hello– I already own and love this one. Once, I even already had it on my fingernails when this happened.

Melt Your Popsicle is CRAZY. Here is a picture of it on my nails. It is a bright, bold, neon orange. It is a pure orange, vibrant and bold.


Every time I ask my boyfriend to help me decide on a nail polish color from my collection, he picks this one. It looks incredible as a pedicure color, as well, especially in the summertime. It applies very well and looks incredible under a glossy top coat.

What is your favorite of these? Would you rock any of these colors?

I hope this was helpful!

What is your favorite nail polish color?



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