A Gorgeous Hike in North Austin

Hello everyone!!

Yesterday I went on a beautiful hike in Austin, Texas. I had actually never been to this north Austin neighborhood before (which is crazy since I’ve lived here and explored everywhere for the last SIX YEARS!!) and there were beautiful views of the Texas hill country. The hike was called River Place Trail, and it started near this boardwalk and pond with swans and turtles.


I took a lot of pictures with my iPhone since the hike itself was just so cool. There were cedar logs creating the paths, and stairs made out of packed dirt and more cedar.

IMG_4905 There were natural springs and ponds, and I was so tempted to go swimming.

IMG_4909_2Scott and I haven’t gone hiking since that one time we headed into the Green Belt, got completely lost over near Lost Creek neighborhood, and Scott was almost late to work! We could barely find our way back and stumbled in the woods. This was much clearer than that- there was no way to get lost!

IMG_4907_2I found the hike randomly online, looking at pictures of hikes in North Austin. I am so glad that we packed up and went. We brought sandwiches, sunblock, and water bottles- although we forgot the bug spray, which was a big problem. Scott told me some funny stories from his childhood on Long Island that I actually hadn’t heard before, which is bizarre since we have been together for 5 years and spend so much time together. Hiking just makes it easy to talk to someone.

IMG_4902Do you like hiking? Do you live in a state with hiking spots?

It is so cool how wildly different hiking is from state to state, and even in a place like Texas, from city to city!

Have a great weekend,



One thought on “A Gorgeous Hike in North Austin

  1. Lived in Texas (San Antonio) when I was growing up. Love hiking in the Austin area and points west. Favorite is out at Enchanted Rock. Now live out here in Maryland…lots of fantastic hiking! 🙂

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