I was in Sally’s the other day, shopping for nail polish (of course) and saw a polish called Terracotta. Well! With fall quickly approaching, I couldn’t resist a polish in that color family. I’m also scooping up anything vampy purple and oxblood. Plus Orly was on sale. So here we are. A fall nail polish for review.

Except… spoiler alert, this isn’t a fall color at all!




This polish has an excellent formula. The first coat was not streaky or sheer, and it was very easy to apply. It was perfect in two coats, and that was all I needed. What a relief to not need a third coat! I feel like I keep picking up colors lately that need a third and sometimes fourth coat. But not this one! I added Seche Vite top coat to bring out the glossy creme finish.



This color is a warm, rosy, pink-based red. It’s almost a neon, and it’s very vivid on the nail. It’s that sort of fruit-punch hot coral red that I just adore. How would you describe it? It’s a very unique color for a red.


It’s kind of annoying that they named it terracotta, since I don’t have any terracotta polishes in my entire collection. But I loooove a rosy, neon, pinky-red, so this is still a welcome addition to the family.


Other Notes:

This polish reminds me a lot of OPI’s She’s A Bad Muffuletta:


So it’s definitely dupe-able. But the Orly polish is slightly more neon, has a better formula, and there’s that grippy Orly cap that I love so much! It’s for sale in Sally’s Beauty Supply stores, and on Amazon.

One more pic of this beautiful fun polish- 😍


What do you think? 

Also… do you have any good terra cotta polish recommendations? Now I’m on the hunt. 😜




3 thoughts on “NAIL POLISH REVIEW! Orly Terracotta

      1. Sighs not hating . You are living my dream lol . I have to order my polishes then Some don’t ship here . I can’t wait to travel for a little shopping spree . Oh I love nail polish so much 🙂 You will always have me in that dept

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