Beautiful Blue: Orly’s Royal Navy!

OMG, this is such a beautiful color!

Today I wanted to share one of the truly most unique colors in my collection. I don’t have a lot of blues, and I don’t have a lot of shimmers.

Orly’s Royal Navy is both, and it is awesome.



This is a lovely true blue with turquoise shimmer. Orly describes it as a Cobalt Blue Glitter. It contains micro-glitter that seems sort of golden in some lights. The blue looks rather dark sometimes, but it’s a very bright polish. It’s a right down the middle, pure blue, and it is gorgeous.



This polish is perfectly opaque in two coats. I kept going back in with more thin coats, since I liked how slightly matte this was drying. It’s sort of a jelly polish, and it honestly applies so well that I WANTED to apply more. This polish is a gosh darn delight. It definitely needs top coat to bring out the glowy shimmer.



It’s for sale for under $7 on Amazon, and I’ve seen it in stores. This one also photographed extremely well and I can’t wait to post it on my nails instagram.



Color rating: 10/10

Formula rating: 10/10

Totally unique and can’t stop staring at it rating: 10/10!!!

What do you think of this one? Do you have a go-to shimmer blue polish? Now you do! Do not miss out on this one!



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