OPI Polish: Fashion A Bow

Holiday collection polishes are good year round, if you ask me. A Christmas red for summer! ♡

Summer Faves- Books, TV, Blogs!

Hey everyone! This has been a weird month for me. It's moving quick, and things are different around here than normal. I've stopped cooking, since it's summer and now Scott and I just eat vegan cheeseless pizza and salads like every single night (curse you Amy's for making the most delicious pizza I've had since … Continue reading Summer Faves- Books, TV, Blogs!


Loving Lately…

Things I Love Lately: A General List of Pop Culture and Delicious Snacks And go! 1. Inside Amy on Comedy Central, and the fabulous Amy Schumer. Every single Wednesday morning I watched Tuesday night's episode on demand, like twice in a row. 2. If I'm going to be throwing the word "fabulous" around, then I … Continue reading Loving Lately…