Yellow Plaid Dress OOTD!

Hey everyone!

This yellow plaid dress demands to be seen. It pretty much looks like Cher from Clueless cosplay.


It’s a multi-season dress because it’s fun and strappy for the summer time, but I can so see this with layering pieces underneath, tights, and boots. Imagine it with a cuddly white sweater and tall boots? Yes!

Forever 21 has a ton of amazing plaid tank top dresses like this. This one is cut slightly boxier, and zips up the back. There are some slinkier ones without a zipper (more bodycon) and unlined ones. Plaid tank dresses are easy to find and affordable, and a total fall fashion trend, so jump on board! I always recommend fit & flare cut dresses. I think it’s way more flattering for all body types.


Sandals (exact and AMAZING)Exact dressHenri Bendel Jetsetter Backpack in mini Apple Watch Band


Here’s my makeup and crystal necklace (which I can’t find online anywhere now). I’m so grateful that yellow doesn’t clash with my hair, since I love it.

Scott and I headed out to Zoe’s Kitchen for dinner. I got this Mediterranean salad and a side of the rosemary white beans. I love Zoe’s Kitchen! Greek inspired healthy food is pretty much the greatest.


Do you have a Zoe’s Kitchen where you live? Once my friend took me there, I was trying to go all the time. I could eat there daily. I especially love the Moroccan chicken piadina sandwich with fresh fruit on the side.


Such a great day overall! What do you think of this outfit? Are you going to jump on the plaid trend? I want to get plaid pants, too. Like a pair of tartan leggings. I’m all in on the plaid!

Have an awesome week!



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