Bakery Tour of Austin + A Hike

Hey everyone!

My coworkers and I decided to stop just talking about all of the amazing bakeries in Austin and actually TAKE ACTION! We picked a date, requested off, and tripped around to all the spots we’d been sending each other pics of on Instagram.


We started at Bougie’s Donuts in South Austin. Bougie’s had to be first since (a) it was farthest, and (b) they typically run out of their donuts by the afternoon every day. How cool is that? They’re so hyped that they sell out daily. Don’t even try it on weekends. They will post on Instagram like ‘sold out! sorry!’ on Saturdays so people don’t bother making the trek south.


I got the classic chocolate with sprinkles. My coworker got the lavender, which is never a flavor that appeals to me. I like it theoretically and have ordered some amazing lavender macarons from time to time, but I can’t pick lavender over chocolate or cinnamon or something else.

The donut was okay. Compared to my beloved Wheatsville Co-Op donuts, they were NOTHING. I’ll never get Bougie’s again when there’s vegan Wheatsville donuts in the world for the taking. Plus Wheatsville even has donuts until 11 PM.



Our tour guide for the day (aka the girl who’s been living in Austin longer than the rest of us) took us out to a snooty bakery in the Bee Caves area. Their prices were high, the baked goods were okay, and I didn’t even like it enough to take more pics.


We went to a pie place, which I hated. Sorry, Tiny Pies. Banana Cream Pie calls for graham cracker crust, not thick savory pie crust.

NEXT! Finally time for lunch.


We went downtown to Easy Tiger, which does have a bakery. This is one of those spots I would recommend to anyone visiting Austin. I love it here. They’ve got great drinks, great hipster bar food, and they’re over a little river so it’s like a real beer garden.


I especially loved the hot pretzel and beer cheese. The perfect thing to eat after a morning of sugar! Just kidding. I was ready to die after all this.

Luckily, my coworker and I had a hike planned for after the tour. It was the best way to get the salt and sugar out of our systems.


Austin is so beautiful!


I wore my favorite crystal necklace from Forever 21 and my Empire BMX tee that Scott got me.


Being out in nature was just the thing after an action packed morning of driving from spot to spot, inhaling sugary treats. Next time we do a bakery tour, I’m going to do a little more research ahead of time. But I’ll still end with a hike. It only makes sense.

What’s your favorite thing to get at a bakery? I love morning buns. Anything cinnamon sugar is my favorite. Did you know my blog used to be called Cinnamon Sugar Beauty? Big cinna head over here.

Have an AWESOME week!!



One thought on “Bakery Tour of Austin + A Hike

  1. A chocolate croissant/twist or a muffin is always my go to! You should try Quacks in Hyde Park sometime! It’s my go-to place!

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