Summer Faves- Books, TV, Blogs!

Hey everyone!

This has been a weird month for me. It’s moving quick, and things are different around here than normal. I’ve stopped cooking, since it’s summer and now Scott and I just eat vegan cheeseless pizza and salads like every single night (curse you Amy’s for making the most delicious pizza I’ve had since leaving Jersey!!). I’ve stopped wearing much makeup, since I walk and run everyday in the Texas heat (sweat & showers don’t play well with eyeshadow and liquid liner). So my usual Instagram fodder of food and makeup selfies is MIA.

So here’s what I HAVE been into this month! 

Crazy Ex Girlfriend: the CW show that just hit Netflix is totally addicting and charming. Occasionally the main character Rebecca is like Hannah from Girls, as in always making bad decisions that make me cringe, but the star of Crazy Ex Girlfriend is about two million times more charming and all of the supporting characters are incredible. I’m obsessed! I normally hate musicals, but I love the songs in this! A+.

The AV Club TV reviews for Crazy Ex Girlfriend. I don’t know about you, but I love reading reviews and analyses (and listening to podcasts) of shows almost as much as I love watching them.

Gilmore Guys Podcast: we’re in season 7 of Gilmore Girls now in this podcast hosted by hilarious UT grads Kevin and Demi. If you haven’t listened to this podcast before but even remotely like Gilmore Girls, check it out!

The Harry Potter Series: in honor of JK Rowling’s stage play Cursed Child coming out as a book on July 31, I’ve been rereading the book series. I thought it would be a little boring at first since I rewatch the movies all the time and the first book is about an 11 year old. But I was stupid wrong. There is a reason this is the most famous book series basically ever because it is amazing even after being so familiar with the story.

•Similarly, Pottermore. I am a suuuuuper late adaptor to the Harry Potter world site. I got on it this week to read the new story of the North American wizarding school, which is so cool, and from there I got sorted into my Hogwarts house and took a quiz to see my wand. I found out I am a HUFFLEPUFF! At first I was disappointed because I thought I would be a Gryffindor (I mean, of course- we are in the POV of a Gryffindor for the whole series so who would assume anything else?). But I am happy about my house- yellow is my favorite color, I prize loyalty and kindness, and I loved Cedric Diggory. If I haven’t lost you with all this Harry Potter stuff yet, tell me your house below!

•Wearing a Gear Beast waist belt on my walks/runs! I used to wear an armband but that gave me a weird tan line and would slip all around my arm. I bought a little pink zippered pocket that clips around my waist on Amazon and it’s amazing. I pull it tight, clip it on, zip my keys and phone in, and it barely moves while I run. Plus I can get my phone out easily and it makes my headphones the right length away from me.

The Positivity Blog! I have made a decision to be more positive. I put this blog on my phone’s home screen so I can access it all the time. Great resource- very interesting and well written posts.

All The Pretty Pandas: former Bachelor contestant and current stylish opera singer Sharleen Joynt has an awesome blog for her fashion posts and Bachelorette recaps. If you care about fashion and ABC’s long running matchmaking train wreck franchise (which I love- JoJo is so hot and a girl’s girl, right?) you’ll love this site.

That’s it for now! What have you been into lately? I am definitely open to suggestions. If I didn’t hear so many people talk about Crazy Ex Girlfriend I wouldn’t have gotten into it, so let me know what you’ve been loving this July!!



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