I Can’t Blog While I Write My Books

Hey everyone!

Recently I purchased a laptop to replace my extremely fatigued 2007 iMac. I was stubborn in my loyalty to my desktop Mac, seeing as the computer had seen me through six moves in two states, the entirety of my five-year college career, and literally hundreds of writing attempts. An iMac is not a particularly easy computer to move with, either. After almost ten years of daily use, though, my computer stopped functioning, which should surprise no one. These past few months, when I would type, there would be a lag, so I’d have to pause my train of thought and wait for my last sentence to appear. Going on the Internet was basically out of the question. 99% of the time, Google Chrome offered me the option to Wait or Kill whichever page I was browsing. This impeded my blogging, of course, and I fell disastrously behind on the What’s New section on Forever 21. One night, I popped into the Apple store in Austin’s Domain and was enchanted by the new rose gold MacBooks. Although I felt disloyal to my old iMac, I was now sold on the idea of a laptop and ready to make it happen. I researched and ended up with a shiny new MacBook Air, which basically everyone owns. It feels so new and special to me, but I see them in cafes and in movies at least once a day. At least I made a popular choice, which is important with tech, unlike, say, personal fashion.

In the time since upgrading my whole computer life, I have been obsessed with YouTube (such better picture than before! such fast loading!) and reading articles on Slate and Bustle that would have undoubtedly crashed for me before. I have also been writing a lot. A lot, a lot. I also realized that there is a reason why the two novels I have had in the works for the last three years have been such an uphill battle. I wrote almost 400 pages of one before I decided to overhaul it this week (overhaul as in start from scratch, start at page 1 again- gah), and the other is on a similar hiatus 180 pages in now. I have been seeking out classes on writing and podcasts on conflict and story, since I am trained in sociology instead of the logical choice for a writer- English. I have never taken a college creative writing course. I guess that’s my small rebellious streak showing again- it’s what caused me to sneak out those five times in high school and made me to choose a major where I would learn about the fascinating world of people and social justice rather than how to write books.

I know there are other creative types out there who can’t properly multitask. I have touched on this topic before, but if I am writing a lot, I can’t get myself to blog. I updated the look of my site and edited some things, but posting has been a distant dream of mine, one I know isn’t going to happen as long as I’m in novel mode. Similarly, if I’m reading a lot, I can’t just pause and tackle a big decoupage project. Luckily, I have my partner Scott to remind me that he can’t film for a BMX edit and write new songs on his guitar. It’s one or the other. He’s either working on those dipped 360s or tuning his 7-string Ibanez, but one has to take the main focus for best results. I am the same way.

So, for now- yay that I’m writing again, with clearer vision and a newfound ability to make plenty of bad things happen to my main character. Wish me luck, and if you would like to keep up with me further, I post on my Instagram every day. Thanks for reading!!




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